Friday, July 29, 2011

Wedding Fever

I dropped an RSVP in the mail today that confirms I will be attending 4 weddings in 5 weeks. As wedding #1 is fast approaching, I realized that I need to figure out what I am wearing to all these weddings. Of course, all of them are very different types of weddings, so I can't exactly wear the same outfit to all four.

Wedding #1:
I will be performing this wedding will be at a farm in Leavenworth, so this outfit is probably the most important. While I want to look awesome (outshine the bride, if possible), the most important thing is the ability to dance the night away, not sink into the ground, and to not fall over while in front of all the guests. This is what I'm thinking:

Wedding #2
This wedding will be at an art gallery in Pasadena, and, I'm guessing, much fancier than wedding #1. No Patagonia dresses here. I'm not sure what I'm going to wear to this wedding. I have a gorgeous pink and purple silk Betsey Johnson dress that I might wear. It's not exactly the most forgiving dress in the stomach area, (ie food babies are extremely apparent) so I should probably have some sort of back up option in case of puffiness. Also, it's really hard to match shoes to it.

Wedding #3
I like to call this wedding the "It's a Small World After All" wedding, because one of my best friends from undergrad is marrying my ex-boyfriend's sister. The wedding is in a church, and I get to ride a ferry to get there.

I'm thinking this Free People skirt with a black top and brightly colored peep toe heels.

Is this acceptable? Can I wear a cream colored skirt to a wedding, or is that a faux pas? Unlike the mannequin, I will not be showing my stomach.

Wedding #4
This wedding is happening at a ski resort here in Lake Taco. There will be bbq and a blue grass band and then we are taking the after party to a nearby campground and staying there. Pretty casual, but hopefully filled with sexy bearded men.

I think I'm going to wear this dress that I got at a thrift store for about $15 bucks. I've already worn it to a wedding and my grad school graduation. Here is the classiest picture of me ever taken, at the aforementioned wedding, three glasses of wine deep during cocktail hour.

I am one classy lady.

I'll probably wear this dress with the gold shoes from the first wedding, and accessorize with a beer mug instead of a wine glass.

What do you think of my fashion options? Yes? No? Any good accessorizing tips? Tips for not being a hot mess (besides not drinking 3 glasses of wine during cocktail hour.)? Tips for hooking up with hottie groomsmen?

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Love it, Preacher Baum. Can I hear an Amen?!?