Tuesday, July 12, 2011


After the craziness that is 4th of July weekend in Tahoe:

I needed to do something a little more low key. Sleeping in a tent and swimming at a (slightly) deserted beach were exactly what my body required. Luckily, a couple of Katie's friends were visiting from the Bay Area, and they had scored a coveted summer site at the campground at Sugar Pine Point State Park.

We left early (too early) Saturday morning for the West Shore, and we ended up arriving something like 4 hours before we could check in. We were more than happy to hang out on the beach until we could set up camp.

Secret Beach:
I need to try stand up paddle boarding. It looks like so much fun.

These pictures don't do justice to the color of the water in person. It is seriously turquoise. Like tropical ocean turquoise. Except not warm:

Perhaps Katie and I have acclimated to Lake Taco, but we definitely didn't think that the water was that cold. We spent a lot of time in the water, practicing our "open water swimming" for the triathlon.

Better than our last "open water swim" which involved pool floaties and cans of beer.

Reading by the campfire.

It's a little early for headlamps, but we wanted to be prepared. Katie may or may not have whiskey in her orange plastic cup. Hint: she does.

I'm just eating a Tofurky sausage (#2 of the night) out of a plastic cup. No big deal.

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