Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Work to Workout Quick Change

Sometimes, I want to leave work and be sweating it up as soon as possible. One easy way, make workout clothes part of your work ensemble. Here I am, in one of my more stylish work outfits (we are a very casual office)- a navy cardigan, black top, and lacy skirt. However, the black top, which is mostly hidden by my cardigan, is a Prana workout top, and (like most days) I am wearing a sports bra.

Two easy steps- remove the cardigan, switch the skirt for shorts and bam! I am ready to go.

My parents left early this morning, so I skipped out of work a little early yesterday. We headed to the beach and rented a stand up paddle board. This was my first time going stand up paddle boarding, but it wasn't too difficult to get the hang of. It was a little bit windy though, and I definitely fell off once when a giant boat wake crashed by.

I did achieve my summer goal of doing a yoga pose on a stand up paddle board!

From here.

Although my poses were more in the Savasana and Uttanasana realm of difficulty, than the ones in the picture above

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Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

All workout clothes should have ample pockets, I agree.

I love workout tops that double as non-workout tops. I think I'd live in workout clothes if I could get away with it.