Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.) I know, I'm late to the game, but I just finished watching season one of True Blood, and I am hooked. It has a compelling plot and really attractive people in various stages of nakedness. That's all I'm looking for in a show.

Forget Edward, I am totally Team Eric. (from here)

2. I desperately need to do laundry right now. I am completely out of athletic socks, I only have uncomfortable/"sexy" underwear left, and I have been using my Dick Towel for showering, instead of hilarity.

3. Triathlon training has been going really well. I've been hitting all my work outs this week, and I am so sore. Especially between my shoulders (from swimming?). Due to the tightness in my back, I finally went to yoga in the first time in forever. This winter, I was really good about going weekly, and my doctor and chiropractor told me that I should definitely go for my back. Sadly, I haven't been since April or so. Because the schedule at my gym hasn't been updated, I didn't realize that there's someone new teaching the Tuesday night class. It was definitely more of a power/flow type than the more low-key type I was expecting. It was faster paced and more difficult, but probably really good for me. And now I have a new goal- headstands!

(from here)

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