Sunday, January 2, 2011

101 Life Goals.

So one of my 101* life goals is to visit all of the national parks in the US. There are 58 in the US. I've so far been to 6 (North Cascades, Yosemite, Channel Islands, Redwoods, Grand Teton and Yellowstone). I'm 10.34% of the way there! My goal this year is to double that number and also go back to Yosemite.

1. Head to Yosemite in the winter. I want to go to the west side of the park when it's not super crowded and do some cross country skiing.

2. Do my best Bono impersonation in Joshua Tree. Also, Joshua Trees sometimes look likevelociraptors, which is awesome.

3. Use the skills I gained from George "Pinky" Nelson in Astronomy at Death Valley, one of the places with the darkest night skies in the US.

4. Visit another park in California. Which one? Maybe King's Canyon or Sequoia. They're close. Or Lassen Volcanic NP. It has volcanoes and one of my favorite dogs is named Lassen.

5. Either Rainier or Olympic. Though I have drank my fair share of Rainier Beer and a decent amount of Olympia, I have been to neither of these hometown national parks.

6. Finally, visit one in a state I've never been to. Great Smoky Mountians? Acadia? Grand Canyon? Who knows.

Anyway, I wouldn't call these goals a New Year's Resolution, per se. I'm still working on that. I'm convinced that it's totally reasonable to come up with a New Year's resolution pretty much any time up until about mid-March.

*I actually haven't fully made my list of 101 life goals. I think I have like 42, but 101 is a catchier title.

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