Friday, January 28, 2011

Free food and mixing up my work out

Work has such a different feel when most of the office is gone. Last week, all the senior staff (ie bosses) were gone for half the week. Party in the office! Today, other than me, all of the younger staff is gone. Party in the office! Just kidding. Though the executive director did take me out for lunch. Got some delicious tomato basil soup from my favorite soup place, and even resisted the urge to bread bowl it up. Which was difficult. I ended up spending the whole time talking about my thesis project that I did before I came to work for the Alliance, which was fine because I can talk about that topic forever. Seriously. Ask me about the environmental impacts of nanotechnology, and I will tell you way, way more than you would ever want to know.

I know a strong core is important for just about everything, but I get so bored doing core workouts. Partly that's my own fault for doing the same things over and over, but I am so sick of planks and the few other things that I do. Does anybody have any good suggestions of core exercises that I can do and vary my repertoire?

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