Thursday, January 20, 2011

Note to self: be more organized

Since this fine specimen of humanity is coming to visit me, and I happen to have two free lift tickets to Sierra-at-Tahoe, I'm taking tomorrow off work to go skiing.


However, that means that I have to finish my section of the mid-year report today. Have I worked on it? Not very much. How not very much? Well, I couldn't find my notes on which sections I'm supposed to do. Ooops.
I searched all over my desk. I looked in my filing cabinets. I looked in that wire stand up paper separator thing that I haphazardly shove papers in. It's nowhere to be found! Mind, I only have a vague idea in my head what the notes actually look like. I start to worry that maybe I recycled it. This is not the end of the world, as I have yet to actually recycle any of the paper in my recycling box.

After exhausting all other options, I sorted through the whole box of recycling. As I said, I have yet to remove any of the paper in the two months I've been at work. It was kind of a nice little time capsule of my time at the Alliance. But, alas, no notes.

I give the the file cabinet a fourth and final shot. What? What's this? My notes! Right in the file folder they're supposed to be in.

Well, I'm glad that my recycling box is now well organized.

Work out:
- 30 minutes on the elliptical. I got so bored! I wanted to do some kind of cardio that used my arms, since I was supposed to be swimming, but I really did not enjoy the elliptical, and I had a really hard time getting/keeping my heart rate up. Does anyone have any tips to make the elliptical more fun/a better cardio work out?
- 20 minutes on the spin bike. I didn't wear my clipless shoes and it really made a difference.
- Lower back work. I need a stronger core!

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