Thursday, January 6, 2011

Post workout nutrition

Sometimes after a nice, hard workout (spin class and doing back and leg weights) you need some good healthy food.

That's why I chose to drink granny apple Woodchuck Hard Cider. It has APPLES. It has to be healthy. Besides, I saw two other people from my spin class checking out the fine wine and beer that the Gross Out has to offer. I totally love the Grocery Outlet. My friends and I always called the one in Bellingham the BGO (like Bellingham Grocery Outlet), and I can't not call any and all Grocery Outlets BGO. That's confusing as this one should actually be called SLTGO (slut go?).

I also tried out Amy's Indian Palak Paneer. It's pretty decent for microwave Indian food.

This has been a good week for working out, I've been sticking pretty well to my goals, and I even went to yoga on Wednesday, which was awesome. I haven't actually gone swimming since beginning my "triathlon training", though. Ooops! It's really hard to convince myself to go swimming when it's 8 degrees out.

In other news, I'm working on event planning for an environmental film festival for work, which is totally awesome, and much more fun than the envelope stuffing and money logging I have been doing. Though watching environmental films over and over can get a little depressing. I don't want to see any more oil covered pelicans or giant garbage islands!

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