Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's hard to be like Lady Gaga when it's cold out.

Bad news: The Grocery Outlet stopped selling my favorite giant bag of organic frozen broccoli. I knew I should have stocked up.

Good news: My puffy coat has finally arrived!

I am so excited about this coat. I have been freezing in my inappropriate jacket. It's been so cold I've even had to temporarily give up on my Lady Gaga-inspired, pants-free revolution. But not now! Now I throw on my puffy jacket, my giant sunglasses, and my Sorels and I am ready to go! I am the Lady Gaga of South Lake Tahoe.
Just kidding. I'll wear tights under my coat. Fleece lined ones.

Bad news: I think the cold caught up with me, and I was feeling pretty beat after work, so I skipped my workout.

Good news: I think it was the right decision because I'm feeling a lot better, and ready to tackle spin tonight. Maybe even some weights, as it's been about a week since I've lifted.

Bad news: Things are ramping up at work, and I'm starting to get swamped.

Good news: We hired an intern! Yay for free labor!

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