Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 20111111111!

Happy New Year everyone! This is how my 2011 started, snow:

Oh, hey! It's my new car under all that snow. Sidenote: yes, that is a Camaro parked next to me, and yes, she does live here and drive it in all the snow. Today, she got stuck in our driveway and had to get pulled out by a weird man in a truck wearing a non-ironic trucker hat. Not a tow truck, just some kindly gent in coveralls and Chevy from the 70's. Not that all men in coveralls who drive trucks from the 70's are creepy. My dad has a truck from the 70's and has been known to sport some (extremely warm) Carhartt coveralls.

Oh hey there giant ice wands.

Oh hey there Lakeview Ave! Way to not get plowed today.

My New Year's 2011 is significantly snowier than New Year's 2010, what with not being in Santa Barbara this year.

I am not a huge fan of the big New Year's Eve celebration. I think they are always over hyped
and anti-climactic. New Year's Eve usually ranges from meh to horrible, and this episode of How I Met Your Mother nearly perfectly encompasses and expresses how I feel about New Year's Eve. It's not quite perfect because, if Jason Segel (my imaginary husband) were anywhere in my vicinity, it would be a perfect moment. No matter what was happening. Even if puppies were exploding, and I was forced to eat canned green beans.

This year, I was awake, but only because I was engrossed in an episode of Nip/Tuck. ( I know, I know, Nip/Tuck is terrible, but I'm watching old episodes on Netflix, and I'm only halfway through season 2, and it is common internet knowledge that it didn't get bad until season 4.) Last year, I slept through the ringing in the new year. The year before that, I was snowed in at my parents house watching HIMYM on dvd. But not the New Year's episode. That would have been ironic. Maybe. I don't know. I'm confused on the true definition of irony because I listened to too much Alanis growing up. (Just kidding. I absolutely know the true definition of irony and that would not have been ironic. Ironic would have been if I had been watching it in a limo and uncomfortable shoes and a tight dress while all I wanted was to be on the couch in yoga pants eating a block of cheese.)

Anyway, the point of all this, is to wish everyone a happy 2011.

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