Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lazy Weekend

65 minutes spin.
26 minutes run.
15 minutes of stair machine (ugh. definitely not my favorite thing)
Did arm/abs weights

Nothing like spending 3 hours at the gym after taking a break from working out. Though I did walk up and down a flight of stairs about 50 times carrying chili to the microwave while I was volunteering.

The film festival was awesome, but watching environmental films for three days does get a little depressing. I also ran into a friend from high school at the festival. Small world. (Really small when you consider the town I'm from has a population of 500, and we were nearly 900 miles away.)

Here's my favorite short of the festival:

I also loved this one, but I don't exactly know how this was wild or scenic:

I did not hit on Yvon Choinard, but I did run into him. Literally. With my shoulder.

I also won two free lift tickets to Sierra-at-Tahoe! Perfect timing because Dan's coming on Thursday. Yay!

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