Friday, March 18, 2011

Important question

I just got a very exciting email...the email that informed me that my REI dividend is available!

But what should I buy?

I need a longer sleeping bag. Note: if you are a 5'11" woman, don't buy an REI women's specific sleeping bag. It will be too short. Even if the sales guy tries to convince that it's not. Maybe this one instead?

I would also love a Jet Boil for camping this summer.

Maybe I should own more than one pair of running tights...

I would love to cross country ski more this/next winter. Preferably in the onsie.

I needed a face gaiter, like, yesterday.

I used to have a really cool adventure hat, but I lost it at a BL camping trip.

It's just so hard to decide! What are you going to get with your REI dividend?

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