Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Biking outside! And week in review a little late.

Good news: I got to ride my bike outside two days! It was so awesome to ride around in the sunshine instead of indoors on a spin bike. I needed to a reminder of why I love to bike. Also, I am definitely way stronger than I used to be. I could stand up on my bike for entire runs down the trail, which I've never been able to do before.

I feel like such a bad ass in my full face helmet.

Elings Park. There are so many beautiful places to ride in Santa Barbara

Bad news: I forgot my shin guards, and I had a run in with a prickly bush. I'll definitely have a new shin scar to add to my collection. Also, pedaling outside was way harder than I hoped. I'll have to kick up the intensity in my spin classes.

Half Marathon: Training is going well. I've been hitting most of my mileage goals with no real knee pain. Plus, I think my feet have mostly adjusted to my inserts, and no new blisters. I need to get better about icing and foam rolling, because I am sure that as the miles creep up, I'll be needing that.

Triathlon: I've been hitting my minute goals for running and biking, but I'm still not doing so well with swimming. I was hoping to swim outside while I was in SB, but it didn't happen due to rain on Saturday. I think my friend Katie is going to begin training soon, so it will be awesome to train with someone.

This week we're supposed to get another 2 feet of snow between Thursday morning and Friday night, so I think that I'm going to go snowboarding this weekend. Hopefully, I will spend a little more time on my feet. I'll also be clinging to my memories of wearing shorts on the beach and riding my bike out doors in the sun.

There's mud on the bottom of my bike. That usually means something fun happened.

Bikes go this way!

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