Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekend Update

I'm in the "F's" and my arm is already sore. Maybe I'll teach myself to write left handed.

I rearranged my workout schedule this week, and moved my rest day to Thursday. It was my roommate's last night working at The Divided Sky, an awesome restaurant/bar in Meyers, which is a small town a little outside of South Lake Tahoe. If you are ever in the area, check it out! They have really delicious, mostly organic food and a ton of really good vegetarian options. I think that I'm going to go back there tonight for a bluegrass concert.

Since I "rested" on Thursday, I went to spin this morning, and this is the first time I've been on a Saturday. I thought the class started at 8:30, so I got to the gym at about 8:10, thinking that I would have plenty of time to claim a good bike and warm up. Class actually started at 8:15, so I barely made it! I got stuck with one of the last bikes left, and I could not get my shoes to clip in at all. I must have tried for 5 minutes with no luck. I finally just gave up and put my running shoes back on and used the toe clips. I'd gotten so used to wearing my clipless shoes that it was quite the adjustment and so much harder! Especially on the hills.

I managed to get in a (sorta) brick and ran for about 15 minutes after spin class. I don't think I'd been to my gym on a Saturday morning. Waaaaaaay different crowd than the post-work weeknights group that I usually see. Several incidents of nearly Heidi Montag-level plastic surgery, fewer meatheads. Strange.

Now I am going to enjoy some more unrealistic ABC Family Melodramas about teen pregnancy, address more envelopes, and cook some lentils.

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