Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Non Fitness February Goals

1. Track my spending! I'd been having some issues with syncing with my bank accounts, and, thus, didn't track for January. I finally did it by hand yesterday, and, wowzers, did I do poorly on my budget.

2. Stick to my budget. See above.

3. Buy no new clothes in February. That was an area my budget took a hard hit. A big chunk was because I finally broke down and bought a real winter coat, but still. If I absolutely need something (unlikely), I'll be thrifting it up. Better for the environment, too.

4. Limit the amount of mugs that accumulate in my workspace. Right now there are four. Sorry other people in the office who might want to use a mug!

5. Accept more social invitations. I should be less of a lone wolf and do stuff when people from work invite me. While staying within my budget.

We got a new intern at work, and she's mostly going to be mine. Yay! We're having a welcome potluck next week. Anyone have any suggestions for vegetarian/gluten-free/peanut free dishes to make?


Bec said...

Best. Dish. Ever.

flanhoodles said...

Beckert- that looks amazing! My roommate made a comment recently about how much quinoa I eat. It's just so delicious.