Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Totals & February Goals

January was the first month I've really worked out consistently since moving from Seattle in October. I did a fair amount of biking and other active things all summer, but the move and especially the couch surfing/temporary homelessness involved really affected my being active. I started working out again in mid-December when I was no longer working two jobs, but implementing my triathlon training plan really made me buckle down and get committed to working out. How did I do?

First the bad:
I swam 0 yards in January. Big fat zero.
That's not gonna work. I have tons "reasons" (oh, there's no pool at my gym...it's so cold...blah, blah, blah) but, really, they're just excuses. I totally should have made it to the pool.

Now the good:
I ran 25 miles in January.
While many runners have weekly mileage higher than that, this is awesome for me. I haven't run regularly since moving away from Bellingham and the ultimate running trail, Lake Padden. I was also still adjusting to the altitude change, though now that I've been here for 10 weeks, I probably can't use that excuse anymore! While my miles may be slow, I got them done.

I biked 196 miles in January (estimation).
I did all of these miles indoor on a spin bike, so this is just an estimation. I found a spin class that I love, and an instructor that always pushes me. I tend to bike more than what my training plan calls for (making up for those missed swim minutes!) because being in shape for mountain biking season is my main motivation for working out. Training for the triathlon is mainly to help keep me on track.

I started going to yoga once a week.
I have bone spurs in my lower back, (Everyone! If you have back pain, get checked it checked out stat. Don't ignore it and develop bone spurs!) and they barely bother me at all when my core is strong and my muscles are stretched out, i.e., I go to yoga. So good for me, and my preventative care.

I started strength training again.
Strength training is great. I can feel the difference in almost every aspect of my life!

February Goals:
1. Go swimming. At least twice a week. Starting Wednesday (aka tomorrow). If I don't, everyone has permission to yell at me.
2. Keep up the good work with running. Run at least half my miles at 10 min mile pace.
3. Keep up biking. Bike outside at least twice this month. Even if that only happens when I go to Santa Barbara.
4. Try out pilates. There is a pilates class at my gym that I haven't gone to yet, mostly because I am nervous. Get over it, and go to pilates.
5. Up my yoga to twice a week. Or do some combination of yoga/pilates twice a week.
6. Do something fun outdoors in the snow at least three times this month. Whether it's cross country skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing, etc.

So there they are. My goals for February. I decided to write them down so I can hold myself accountable more easily.

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Aimee said...

I didn't swim in Jan either! Boo! Yes, I was sick, but I should have made it a point to get into the pool! I think our Feb. goals are pretty similar!