Monday, February 14, 2011

Week in Review

I think I figured out my plans for spring/summer. I've pretty much decided against doing this race. The lack of mountain biking and the slacking I'm doing on my swimming training has me thinking that it's not the race for me. Instead, I am going to focus on this one! It has a long bike section with a scary profile but I have until the end of August to prepare. I am also 90% sure that I'm going to do the American River Parkway Half Marathon. It will be my first ever half marathon, and the first time I've run longer than 8 miles since Ski to Sea 2008. Any Sacramento/Tahoe/Bay Area residents interested in running it too?

I'm also planning on going back to B-Ham for a race, either the Lake Padden Triathlon (if I can convince Jodi Christ Superstar to do it with me) or Ragnar Northwest Passage. Maybe both?

No swimming last week. Boo. Now that I've redesigned my training plan for the longer, further away race, I have a chance to start over. This will be the week! Maybe even some outdoor swimming when I am in Santa Barbara this weekend.

I am getting so bored of the spin bike! Don't get me wrong, I love my spin class, but I am ready to be outside. Dan is putting my new disk brakes on my bike right now, and I am so ready to ride some trails!

At least I got to run outside this weekend. I ran 3 miles on Friday and 4 miles on Sunday around my beautiful neighborhood. I definitely got some blisters on my arch from my insoles about mile 2 of 3, so I duct taped my feet for my 4 mile run. I had some hot spots at about 3.75, but much better than before. I think I'm going to shell out for some moleskin to see if that helps even more.

Now I'm off to sweat in spin class. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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