Wednesday, February 9, 2011

People are strange

I had the most interesting people watching experience at the gym tonight.

She was wearing, I kid you not:
- Skate shoes (with apparently no socks)
- Black sparkly leg warmers
- Maroon yoga type capris
- A cruise-wear style halter top with wooden beads for the neck strap. (Kind of like this)
- No bra
- Weightlifting gloves
- An NBA sweatband/wristband

And her outfit is not even the weirdest part!

Pretty much the whole time I was working out in the weight room, she was on the hip abductor/adductor machine. But she didn't do the normal abduction/adduction movements the machine is designed for. Instead, she stood, balanced on the foot rests and swung her knees in and out or swiveled her hips. I think she may have used the machine the normal way as well, but I was trying not to stare too much. That was hard. But she spend at least a half an hour on that machine. Lake Tahoe has some interesting locals.

I figured out a way to make the elliptical more interesting. It involved an attractive rugby player running on the treadmill in front of me, and a basketball game on the tv.

I did the stair machine, which made my knees hurt. No more stairs for me! Then I elliptical-ed and lifted and streeeeeeetched a lot.

Now I am eating a burrito, more toffee, and icing with my 99 cent frozen pea ice bags.

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