Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February Totals

Swim: 0 (baaad)
Run: 26.1 (almost a marathon, and more than January, which is awesome for a shorter month)
Bike: 164 (best part- some of this was ridden outside! woo hoo!)
Other: 13.2 (ie elliptical, stair climber, walking hills etc. I wish that I had some way to track snowboarding or hiking with my bike distance, because the other number would definitely be higher).

I was pretty good about lifting at least twice a week. Less good about yoga twice a week, but I think I did at least once a week. I worked on speeding up my runs, and I'm pretty confident that I did at least half my miles at a 10 minute mile pace.

I was definitely better about tracking my spending this month, and, what do you know, I came much closer to my budget targets. I also reached my goal of not buying any new clothes in February, I'm going to try to extend that through March, making an exception for technical gear (but staying within budget!) and maybe a dress for KJW's wedding.

I think I was definitely more social this month, while sticking to my budget for socialization, but I could be better about accepting invitations. I got outside to enjoy the outdoors a bunch this month, with snowboarding, running outside, and doing some mountain biking in Santa Barbara. The weather is just getting better and better (though not today, nasty mix of rain and snow) and it's staying light out for longer and longer. I love it! I can't wait until I can bike to work.

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