Thursday, March 24, 2011

Three Things Thursday

It's snowed more than 2 feet in two days. Again.

1. There is a giant cornice of icy death hanging from my house, and it scares me. I am going to make Dan take care of it when he gets here tomorrow. If he gets here. There is a serious blizzard right now. I tried to drive the three miles to Katie's house, and I didn't even make it to the end of my street. Scary!

2. My car survived its first slide into a snowbank. Way to go, Strawberry! I also managed to put my chains on with only some "help" from a drunk guy who took way longer to get his chain on than I did. We had our work retreat at my boss's house out in the boonies, and getting there was quite an adventure. I rewarded myself with lots of delicious cookies and a brownie.

3. I now own two snowboards, a set of bindings, and a pair of boots. Unfortunately, the boots are too small and the bindings are so old that they need an adaptor before I can put them on either of my snowboards. Guess I am renting again this weekend!

We had a snow day at work today, because of the impending snow doom, so I headed into work at about 10, picked up some stuff and went to the gym before the snow got too crazy. I spun for 70 minutes then lifted. I lifted after I ran on Tuesday, too, which is good, because with the craziness at work lately, I'd kind of fallen out of the habit. It's way easier to just get in a run or a spin class and ignore strength training when I have limited time. But now I'm back on the strength training wagon!

At this rate, I won't be able to ride a bike in Tahoe until July, but at least I'll be strong!

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