Friday, March 4, 2011

If no one is in the office to see me nap on the floor, did it really happen?

I am beat today. Not only is it the regular tiredness of a Friday, but spin class was a killer last night.

Since Wednesday was a lazy beer and Buffy night, I decided to do a couple of miles of speed work before spin last night. Mistake? Maybe.

It was definitely the hardest spin class I've ever done. I think it was the combination of our instructor was working us extra hard + the speed work done before hand + the fact that I was still sore from my weight work out on Tuesday.

When I rode outside President's Day weekend, it was a lot harder than I was expecting. I've been really good about putting in the time, so I realized that I need to kick it into a higher gear (metaphorically and literally).

I need to up the resistance when I'm spinning. I need to not cruise at a comfortable pace when I'm running. I need to lift heavier weights. So I've started doing that. And it's hard, but the good kind of hard.

The other reason that I'm tired?

This is the first event that I'm putting on at my job, and those of you who've planned an event know how crazy and stressful it is right about now.

What's going to go wrong? Will the films work? Will anyone come? Will this be the worst Film Fest ever? Argh!

But I'm so excited! We get to be on the marquee!

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