Saturday, March 19, 2011

Snow running

I went for a run in the snow today. Actually I went for two.

The first was unintended, especially since it was a sprint through 14" of fresh powder wearing rain boots with no socks, yoga capris and my BL sweatshirt.

Luckily, I'm almost always wearing a sports bra.

Meira, the world's cutest puppy, made a break for it through a hole in the fence when I let her out to pee this morning.
She's so regal.

Since I still haven't gotten a charger for my camera, I've been a little Photo Booth-obsessed.

So I had to go sprinting after her through drifts and piles of snow. She, of course, couldn't stick to the plowed roads, because what's more fun for a dog than porpoise-ing through the snow?

Had I not been sprinting after my roommate's dog in entirely inappropriate gear, it would have been a lovely run along the south shore of Lake Taco. I finally caught up and yelled "Meira! Stay!" in my most serious voice and she actually did.

She did not, however, want to be done with her adventure. Since I hadn't thought to grab her leash when I dashed out after her, her stubbornness meant that I ended up carrying her pretty much the whole way back to the house.

She was not happy about me cutting her adventure short. Seriously. She went and lay down under the coffee table and where she alternated whining and glaring at me.

After a couple of hours, it stopped snowing, and I decided to break out the off-brand yak trax and go for a little snow run. When Meira realized that she got to go along as well, there was a lot of pure puppy joy.

I started the run wearing yak trax, light hikers, my tallest ski socks, running tights that almost reached the top of my socks, a tank top, a long sleeve shirt, my running jacket, a fleece-lined ski hat with a puff ball, and the liners from my snowboarding mittens.

Bundled up, we headed off. It was an exciting run for Meira, with lots of things to smell and dogs and people to greet. My fake yak trax fell off a few times at first, but after I got them situated they worked super well. There were only a couple of times where I felt unsteady on the ice and snow.

It was fun to trudge along at puppy-sniffing speeds with no music, enjoying the sun and the view and chatting with people in my neighborhood.

We did a loop of just over 2.5 miles, and there were no falls, Meira did not yank my arm out of the socket with her exuberance, and all of the dogs we met were friendly. I think it was a very successful first snow run.

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