Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A very special day

Yesterday was Dan's birthday, so in honor of that, I am going to tell you five things that I like about him.

Dan at Yosemite, with Half Dome in the background.

1. Dan taught me how to mountain bike.

He is a great teacher, and I doubt I would love riding as much as I do if I hadn't learned from someone so awesome. He is also good at mountain biking.

2. Dan sends me pictures of dogs.

Usually when I wake up and check my email there is a picture of a cute dog in my inbox. He even sends me pictures of big dogs, even though he is weird and likes small dogs.

3. He is way smart. He builds lasers!

I didn't have a picture of Dan being smart, so here is a picture of me being smart and Dan standing next to me.

4. He has such a nice beard!

I heart beards.

5. He is very nice. Last time I went down to Santa Barbara, he had strawberries waiting for me when I arrived. He didn't even make fun of me that much when I ate 2 pounds of them in less than 24 hours.

He also doesn't make fun of me when I make this face.

He also goes with me on outings that I'm pretty confident he's not interested in, like the pumpkin patch or whale watching. He once drove 17 hours out of 36 each way to help me move to Lake Taco so I wouldn't have to move up by myself.

America's Next Top Pumpkin Model

All in all, he's a special dude, and I like him. Happy Birthday (a day late), Dan!

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