Monday, March 21, 2011

Living the dream

Yesterday, Katie and I were hanging out at the Brewery, and we met a girl who had gone to UCSB for undergrad and had a degree in environmental studies. She initially approached me to offer us their leftover pizza and compliment my onsie:

We got to talking, and she told me that I'm "living the perfect life."

I never really thought about how amazing that would be to hear. But it's pretty true. I mean, I wish Dan was closer, and that I had less student debt, and less boring hair, but, it's true. My life is pretty awesome.

Case in point- my weekend:

I had planned to take my new (used) snowboard and my new (used) bindings out to Sierra on Saturday. Unfortunately, I was missing a part I needed to put them together, and woke up Saturday morning to snow and wind.

The weather plus the added expense of renting plus chain controls on Hwy 50 pretty much killed my desire to get up and drive to Sierra, so I crawled back into bed and caught up on some much needed sleep. I've already written about my adventures in snow running, but the planned run was a perfect was to enjoy the sunshine.

I ate about half a jar of peanut butter, drank a bunch of hot water with ginger, and went to sleep early.

Since I'd missed out on a great day of snowboarding on Saturday, I was determined to get up and go on Sunday morning. Until I saw the weather...even harder snow and more wind. I decided to check two of my favorite websites and to see if it was going to clear up this afternoon. Definitely not, said the internet.

Oh, well. I decided just to enjoy my coffee, dig my car out of two feet of snow (Happy 1st day of Spring!) and maybe do some living room yoga. I sat on the floor, watching the snow fall, and drinking my coffee. A couple hours passed before I finally dragged myself up to shovel out my car. I noticed that Katie had texted me, to see if I wanted to go play outside/go cross country skiing. Absolutely!
I love going places you can only go on skis or snowshoes.

So we headed to Sierra Ski & Cycle Works, rented some xc skis and we were off to Camp Rich for some beautiful gliding along Lake Taco...Or not. Hwy 50 was bumper to bumper completely stopped for miles. There went the plan to go to Camp Rich. Luckily, my neighborhood is close to a meadow that's great for easy xc skiing, so we ditched off of 50 as soon as we could (which involved Katie asking the cars ahead of us to move over so we could escape on the shoulder!) and headed to Al Tahoe.

It was Katie's first time cross country skiing, so the trek through the neighborhood to the meadow was a perfect learning opportunity (plowed roads = groomed trails, almost). We made it to the meadow, and had a great time in basically solitude. After skiing, beers were drank, pizza was eaten, and hot tubs were poached (successfully!).

All in all, it was a pretty much perfect Tahoe weekend.

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